Putrid Saphire


Recognition can help all humans to

develop a healthy consciousness and for them to determine their social value as

individuals. All recognition is important, whether it comes from parents,

recognition for a job well-done or recognition of the infirmity of humans towards their

creation. Receiving recognition from people is as important as giving it

to others. Recognition is not just a way to appreciate or respect other creatures and reality,

but it's a fundamental building block in the individual's sense of self.

Without recognition, man does not exist.


The human characteristic of being able to distinguish patterns;

whether it is in politics, human behaviour, science etc., has become outdated. Quantum

physics has taken over; a world where the patterns are ever changing and chaotic.

Where everything is possible and impossible at the same time, all

is forbidden and permissible, everything is beautiful and ugly, everything exists,

everywhere and nowhere.


New variants of patterns are forming which are beyond

their comprehension; mankind as a species is out of date, as it sets rules that are

meant to benefit humans, but the outcome of set rules most often result in becoming a

prison of free will, where prejudices and spite become the heart of society.


Humans are turning into consumer engines that no longer move.

The human reality is cracking and closing in on failure, the once truth

has become a lie and the lie has become the truth, facts are no longer an absolute

because alternative facts appear to counter them, language has become our enemy

and privacy is dead: an absolute clutter where no one can criticise the actions of

others because no one knows exactly what is actually real.

People's conversation are shifting into rhetoric, based on emotional porn that has no

relation to reality.

Yes, the people on earth have become the locust that dried up all the worldly and spiritual

resources of the world and the only way out for humanity is to develop

into another species that is inspired by emotional arguments and a mutual lack of

patterns. These new beings would have to rule out greed, jealousy and a plethora of other

human frailties, and practice the distorting and breaking old social ideologies and rules in

such a way as to emphasise emotional or intellectual impacts on each-other.


Mankind has collided with a impassable barrier and can not pass over it, but Putrid Saphire

is ready to take the leap and explore unknown/uncertain pathways, 

because then he can potentially make a positive change.

Possibly, even save the world.