After a fruitful and inspiring collaboration with Sigurros in the dance piece “At Dusk We Embrace” at Sigurros´s festival Norður og Niður, we got an offer to do an outside video installation on two big oil tanks for the Reykjavik Winter Nights Festival and it seemed appropriate to continue with with this idea. Örævi is a peek into the undergrowth of the body, parts of the body we see everyday but when we go up-close foreign landscapes start to form, hands as sand dunes, elbows as withered hilltops and veins in the eyes as red rivers flowing. We decided to make a choreography for a microscope where the performance area is around 2mm². Movements of the skin become waves, ears/noses become caverns and wrinkles turn to canyons.

The music of sigurros has many small sounds that are subtle and buried within the tracks but are an integral part of the music and once you disassemble them and look closer the magic reveals itself. So we built on the subtle sounds and images trying to show what is hidden right in front of our eyes and ears. In the video we worked with 3 amazing dancers of Iceland Dance Company, Ernas mother and our 6 years old son

created by

Erna Ómarsdóttir

Valdimar Jóhannsson

Pierre Alain Giraud



Erna Ómarsdóttir

Valdimar Jóhannsson

Pierre Alain Giraud

Aðalheiður Halldórsdóttir

Þyrí Huld Árnadóttir

Hannes Þór Egilsson

Úlfur óðinn valdimarsson

Kristín Geirsdóttir


music by





iceland dance company