The Talking Tree


The Talking Tree is the tree of life and prosperity. It is a half human, half tree creature. It thinks it is a prophet, and that it has got all the answers. It also believes it has the power in its hands and that it can transform everything into glitter and gold. The talking tree is always followed by a melody, a sort of an eternal recurrent theme where end and beginning meet. The melody is the tree's slave but maybe you could as well say that the tree is the melody’ slave. The melody is a character ; destiny, a sad clown, a bleeding body... The two of them don’t exist without each other. The talking tree and its slave have a mission. The mission is to walk around the world and tell stories, some of the stories are going to change the world.

This performance by Erna Ómarsdóttir and Belgian musician Lieven Dousselaere first premiered at Festival Les Antipodes in March 2008.

Production/distribution - Esther Welger-Barboza