Valdimar Jóhannsson, composer, musician, sound engineer, dancer, director and writer.

 He is the co-founder of Shalala, along
with Erna Ómarsdóttir, and has since 2006 written music and participated in
most of their projects. These include Teach us how to outgrow our madness
(Scene Nationale des Quartz, Brest 2009), We saw monster (National Theater of
Iceland/Reykjavík Arts Festival 2011), The Tickling Death Machine
(Kunstenfestival Brussels, 2011), To the bone and A lecture on borderline
musicals (Reykjavík Dance Festival 2014). Valdimar has also done lighting design
for numerous dance- and theatre pieces, including Hystory (Reykjavík City
Theatre 2015) and Da da dans (Iceland Dance Company 2016). He composed
music for Njála (Iceland Dance Company and Reykjavík City Theatre 2015) and
received in 2016, along with Árni Heiðar Karlsson, the Icelandic Theatre Award
in the category Best composition. In 2017 Valdimar Jóhannsson was co-artistic
director of Sacrifice – A Festival Of Common Things Made Holy. Staged by the
Iceland Dance Company, the festival consists of four new works, three of
them featuring choreography by Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar
Jóhannsson: Shrine, Dies Irae (short film by Gabríela Friðriksdóttir) and
Union Of the North (feature film, manuscript by Matthew Barney). 2017
also saw the premiere of At Dusk, a piece by Erna Ómarsdóttir and
Valdimar Jóhannson, produced by the IDC and with new music by SigurRós.